Ch. "Zena Zephirin del Littorio" BH-SchH1-ZTP-FH1-FH2-HD1- Born: March 31, 2001- AKC#WR01053/06- 8 months in the picture on the right

Sire: "Uriel de L'Abbaye de Sable" BH-SchH3-IPO3-FH1-HD1 (Ch."Ioab-Iabes Del Littorio" IPO1-ZTP x "Pace Phelia del Littorio"HD1)

Dam: "Anika del Littorio" HD1 (multi Ch."Gamon di Campovalano" SchH2-ZTP x "Fortezza del Littorio" HD Free)



Siegerin 2005 - ADA National

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Critique of Judgement at the ADA Special Zuchtschau of April 27, 2003 in Washington, USA. Judge: Norbert Daube, DV-Germany. Overall Impression: Elegant, Harmonic, Feminine. Size: Big. Color: Very good. Coat: Thick, Short. Markings: Correct. Head & skull: Feminine. Head's planes: Almost parallel. Stop: Correct. Nose Line: Good. Underjaw: Sufficient. Lips: Good lips design. Eyes: Correct Form & Position, Dark. Neck: Muscular, Right length. Top Line: Short. Croup: Very good. Depth of Chest: Very good. Forechest: Very Good. Width of Chest: Very good. Rib Spring: Very good. Underline: Normal. Front Angulations: Good. Stand: Correct, Turn out. Front Feet: Short. Rear Hocks'Angulations: Good. Rear Knees' Angulations: Good. Rear Legs: Correct. Hocks: Correct. Hind Feet: Short. Bone Structure: Strong. Movement: Harmonic. Temperament: Free, Energetic. Teeth: Full. Rating: Excellent.

Zena during training...

Zena during Tracking Training

Zena during Tracking training

Zena during Protection Training

Zena guarding during the ZTP

Zena during the FH tracking training...

Ch. Zena Zephirin del Littorio successfully competed at the DV Deutsche Meistershaft FH Championship 2006 in Oberdorla, Germany on October 29th, 2006

Zena Zephirin, 2nd place FH2, with breeder, owner, trainer and handler Mr. R. Zorzi

CAC V1 - ADA CAC Show May 2, 2004

In reproduction Ch. Zena Zephirin del Littorio is preferred for her beautiful feminine type, excellent head and body proportions. Structurally she represents the typical Del Littorio Dobermann Line with excellent drive, elegance, nobility and color. In working competitions, especially her tracking drive is very well known obtaining several times 100 points and FH titles. We are exited to see her quality in her offspring, her litter is planned for Spring 2007.

CAC V1 at CAC Show of May 2, 2004

CAC V1 at CAC Show of May 2, 2004


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