Since 1973

The Zorzi family and all the friends of "Del Littorio Dobermann" are very thankful to the Creator for giving to human kind the direction, motivation, and help to build and preserve the Dobermann breed. The Dobermann beauty, working capacity, and helpful functionality for which the breed was suited, are instrumens that can bring joy, peace, and friendship in our life.

To describe "our Dobermann" is reflecting upon historical episodes happened in the life of our family during the last thirty years. We realize that the presence of this wonderful creature has signed real events, and it is analyzing these that we grasp the important role the Dobermann has played and plays in our life. I would like to dedicate the following pages to the description of the most important events and Dobermanns that have contributed to the building and success of our bloodline.

1973 with "Izza" and "Zar" begins our history with the Dobermann. We bought them from a local breeder, who had put an ad on a pet magazine. Izza was a very elegant female, of great type and colors; she had a good temperament, maybe a little too strong for someone on his first approach to the breed. Zar was a male with remarkable substance, good nerves, but poor type. These two dogs, even if with no exceptional characteristics, have been beginning instruments for our study of the breed.

1973-1975 start our research. We began a careful research in the world of the Italian Dobermann to individualize the most interesting type of bloodline for the proceeding of our selection. This first study materializes in our import from France of "Maia de La Morliere", an excellent red female, daughter of the Ch. "Earl von Forell." In these same years was added to our family "Hals del Verdiano", red male of excellent structure and type. "Hals" was the first Italian Dobermann to obtain the SchH 1 and ZTP in Germany. His sire was World Ch. "Vindo de Festiano", son of "Sybel de Festiano" and Ch."Scherzo des Golden", which was a son of "Elmo v. Furstenfeld."

1976-1977 sign our travels around Germany and Holland. We traveled throughout these countries to learn about the best bloodlines and breeding techniques directly from the famous protagonists of the time. Especially in Holland we developed a deep friendship and reciprocal esteem with Ferdinand and Olga Demankoe of "Ferrolheim Kennel". We imported "Erica Vom Ferrolheim", a black female of exceptional temperament with a good body and excellent grup; unfortunately the head was too haevy without parallelism. This bloodline was very interesting, as well as the famous breeding between Ch. "Jurgen von Hagenstern" and Ch. "Amanda von Stifthub"; the breeding produced five important Dobermann in the same litter, Ch. "Astrad Amanda", "Aldo", "Armin", "Aram" and "Abbas Von Ferrolheim". Surely "Amanda" distinguished herself for her reproductive qualities. She gathered two important bloodlines, the"von Forell" on the father side with "Chico von Forell", and the "von Ellendonk" on the mother side with "Hesta von Ellendonk". "Hesta" was a daughter of "Dixie von Krakau", the foundation female for the "Ellendonk Kennel" of Mr. Fritz Sauermann. With "Erica" we participated to some dog shows, but soon realized her head and expression were limiting her results.

1978 - our turn toward the German breeders. In that year we followed the success of the "Vom Nymphenburg" Kennel of Fritz and Iris Krummel. Athos, Athene, and Atlas Vom Nymphenburg won many titles bringing to the kennel the prestige that was then consolidated by Bereinke and Brutus von Nymphenburg. Cora v.d. Brunnenstadt bred with "Eick v. Eschenhof", proved to be an excellent reproduction female. Analyzing the two bloodlines represented by this breeding, we see the influence "von Forell" in the father line, and the influence "von Furstenfeld" in the mother line. The offspring of this litter reflected part of the elegance and type of the "Furstenfeld" bloodline of Herman Palmer. After several encounters with Mr. and Mrs. Krummel, we decided to reserve a male puppy from the breeding between Ch. Athene von Nymphenburg and Ch. Guys Hilo v. Norden Stamm.

On January 26th, 1978 was born "Orpheus von Escenhof" from a wonderful and famous litter of 7 males and 4 females. Mr. D. Muller, the breeder, was very kind and allowed us to choose a puppy after Mr. & Mrs. Krummel of the "Von Nymphenburg" Kennel. From the beginning we observed a puppy with incredible type. Most of all I liked his expression, rich pigmentation, and excellent colors which shined in the midst of the sorrounding snow. I had no doubts, the choice was made. Thirteen hours later we crossed the Brenner Pass on the Alps and arrived in Italy tired but happy to have brought at home a puppy, which later will become known for his excellent sport attitude and reproduction. Surely he was one the major foundation Dobermann of the beginning selection "Del Littorio".

On right, "Orpheus" at 9 weeks old.

The friendship with Mr. Ferdinand Demankoe and our long technical discussions about the several bloodlines convinced me on one Dobermann, "Bryan von Forell". Also, the business relations with Mr. Ottmar Vogel enriched me and influenced the direction of our selection's work. Ottmar knew well the bloodline of "Bryan von Forell", because this was a son of his stud dog "Vello von Furstenfeld". Ottmar's comments helped me to intuit how valuable "Bryan" was for the development of the modern Dobermann.

Through some Norwegian friends, I learnt of an important breeding between "Bryan von Forell" and "Birka", a daughter of Ch."Guys Hilo von Norden Stamm". The litter was born on July 4th in Sweden, nearby Stockholm, thus came the right occasion for a brief vacation in the wonderful Scandinavia region. The trip risulted very interesting not only for the choice of the puppies, but also for the opportunity to see personally the famous Ch. "Bryan von Forell". Mrs. Lilith, owner of "Bryan", was very hospitable and allowed us to deeply discover the talents of this exceptional Dobermann. Enthusiastic from the experience, we returned home with two female puppies, "Daniela" and "Devina von Hellegraf Stamm".

"Bryan von Forell" at 10 years old.