Ch. "Elizabeth del Littorio" BH - SchH3 - ZTP - HD1 - Born: Nov. 12, 1998 - AKC#WP892327/05

Sire: Multi Ch."Jivago v.h. Wantij" IPO3-ZTP-HD1-Korung (Ch."Graf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam" SchH3-ZTP-HD1 x "Lara v.h. Wantij" SchH3-ZTP)

Dam: Jung Sieger Luxemburg "Pneuma Pistis del Littorio" SchH1-ZTP1A-HDFree (multi Ch."Torbay de Amiluc" SchH1-ZTP x "Reha del Rio Bianco" SchH1-ZTP, daughter of Ch."Quarz del Littorio" SchH3-ZTP1A)



Critique of Judgment at the D.V. Berlin-Schoneberg Specialty Show in Berlin-Germany, Dec. 9, 2001-Judge: Mr. Erwin Deutscher. General Impression: Typical-harmonic. Size: Medium. Color: Very good. Coat: Thick-short. Markings: Sharply defined. Skull: correct length. Planes: parallel. Stop: Correct. Muzzle: Good. Under Jaw: Strong. Lips: Good closure. Eyes: Almond Shaped-dark. Neck: Strong. Top line: Short - Firm. Croup: Very good. Depth of Chest: Very good. Fore chest: Very Good. Width of Chest: Very good. Rib Spring: Very good. Underline: Correct. Front angulations: Very good. Front legs: Correct. Front feet: Catlike. Rear angulations: Very good. Rear angulations of knee: Very good. Hocks: Correct. Hind Feet: Catlike. Bone: Strong. Movement: Correct reach & drive. Temperament: Free-confident. Dentition: 42 correctly placed. Rating: Excellent.

The bloodline of "Elizabeth del Littorio" is Line Breeding 3-4 on Ch."Hertog Alfa le Dobry" and 4-4 on Ch."Baroness Eva v. Rensloo-Bonita v. Rensloo, which gives 5-5 on the mother "Gravin Graziedotter."

Looking closely to the characteristics of Elizabeth's bloodline, we can see the influence of Ch."Bryan von Forell", evident especially in the correct size and excellent proportions of this female. The solid body comes from the father line, which is line breeding 3-4 on Ch."Arrow v. Harrosberg" and 4-5 on Ch."Vitesse von Frankenhorst." For this strengthening of the body on the Bryan line, important was the impact of "Medina dei Piani di Praglia", daughter of Ch."Ingo von Forell." "Ingo" was admired especially for his solid body deriving from "Chico von Forell", another pillar for the building of the Dobermann of today. The firm muzzle with good length can be attributed to the connection of this line with the genetic power of Ch."Quarz del Littorio", which we find in the third generation. "Medina dei Piani di Praglia" and Ch. "Ingo von Forell" are also in the line of "Quarz." Certainly the influence of Ch. "Jago von Beelen" in the 5th-6th generation has given strong temperament.

"Elizabeth" originates from "two genetic pillars", Ch."Bryan von Forell" on one, and Ch."Chico von Forell" on the other. "Bryan" and "Chico" represent two types of dobermann completely different, even if arising from the same kennel. The whole harmony of her form, the muscular and dry neck, the excellent parallelism of the head planes, her angulations and temperament, are distinctive characteristics passed on by "Bryan."

In the pedigree of Elizabeth we can gather three diverse tracks:

Analyzing the unique impact of these three tracks, which are all part of the "Northern root" of Ch. Bryan v. Forell, we can headline the following: First, the Dutch track, especially with Ch. "Hertog Alfa le Dobry", has developed square muzzle, very good bone structure, correct group angulations, and excellent show talent. Second, the Norwegian Track, especially with Ch. "Guys Hilo v. Norden Stam", has been more incisive for the superlative temperament and pigmentation. Thirdly, the Swedish influence, through "Gravin Grazie", has given outstanding proportions, elegance, type, front angulations, and good prey and fight drive.

Elizabeth's exceptional muzzle and under jaw, really uncommon for a female, comes from "Chico von Forell", as well as her very good bone structure.

On the right, Elizabeth with her owner GianMichele Zorzi receiving their award at the ADA Specialty Show of May 1, 2005.

Very distinctive of "Elizabeth del Littorio" is the impressive temperament and solidity of nerves. She has an outstanding fight drive and genetic strong full bite, certainly derived from the influence of the "Ellendonk line." The father line, through D.V. working Ch. "Nicolay v. Kloster Kamp", a son of D.V. working Ch. "Bingo v. Ellendonk", leads us to red female D.V. working Sieger "Dixi von Krakau" SchH3. "Dixi", the foundation female of the Ellendonk Kennel, is also in the mother line of Elizabeth through Ch. "Quarz del Littorio" SchH3; in fact, the grandfather of "Quarz" was world Ch. "Keegan v. Ferrolheim" SchH3, which brings us back to "Hesta von Ellendonk", daughter of "Dixi von Krakau." Finally the genetic talent found in the bloodline of "Elizabeth del Littorio" is a guarantee of good results in the future selection of the Dobermann. View Pedigree

In reproduction, "Elizabeth del Littorio" is preferred for the improvement of working ability and nerves, strong muzzle and under jaw, square and solid body, as well as good angulations. Her first breeding produced:

"Oliver del Littorio", who obtained the following titles:

CAC - V1 Open Class at the ADA Specialty Show in May 2005. Judge: Mr. Bystrom, FCI Sweden.

CAC - V1 Open Class at the ADA National Sieger Show Championship in August 2005. Judge: Dr. Schuler, DV Germany.


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