American Ch. - ADA Ch. "Edelgraf del Littorio" BH-SchH1-ZTP1A Excellent - Born 11/12/98 - AKC#WP892327/08


Sire: Multi Ch."Jivago v.h. Wantij" IPO3-ZTP-HD1-Korung (Ch."Graf Quirinus van Neerlands Stam" SchH3-ZTP-HD1 x "Lara v.h. Wantij" SchH3-ZTP)

Dam: Jung Sieger Luxemburg "Pneuma Pistis del Littorio" SchH1-ZTP1A-HDFree (multi Ch."Torbay de Amiluc" SchH1-ZTP x "Reha del Rio Bianco" SchH1-ZTP, daughter of Ch."Quarz del Littorio" SchH3-ZTP1A)


Critique of Judgement at the ADA Special Zuchtschau of April 27, 2003 in Washington, USA. Judge: Norbert Daube, DV-Germany. Overall Impression: Elegant, Good type, Harmonic, Masculine. Size: Medium. Color: Very good. Coat: Thick, Short. Markings: Small. Head & skull: Masculine. Head's planes: Almost parallel. Stop: Correct. Nose Line: Curvy. Underjaw: Strong. Lips: Loose. Eyes: Correct form & position, Dark. Neck: Muscular, Strong. Top Line: Short. Croup: Very good. Depth of Chest: Very good. Forechest: Very Good. Width of Chest: Very good. Rib Spring: Good. Underline: Normal. Front Angulations: Good. Stand: Correct. Front Feet: Short. Rear Hocks'Angulations: Very Good. Rear Knees' Angulations: Very Good. Rear Legs: Correct. Hocks: Correct. Hind Feet: Short. Bone Structure: Very Strong. Movement: Correct Reach & Drive. Temperament: Free, Energetic. Teeth: Full. Rating: Excellent.

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In reproduction Edelgraft is preferred for his enormous prey drive, hardness and calm of nerves. He has a natural fighting drive with calm and firm bite. Edelgraft structurally offers balanced proportions of the body and strong bones. His head is very masculine with strong muzzle and under jaw. His gorgeous type is an excellent representation of the quality of the Dobermann breed. He can be used to improve competition work as well as conformation show. Both his parents lived long and successful lives.

Ch."Edelgraft del Littorio" BH-SchH1-ZTP1A lives in Connecticut with Mr. James Grant.