Ch. "CONDOS DEL LITTORIO" BH, HD Free - Born: Sept. 29, 2001- AKC # WR043265/04 - three months old on the right

Sire: "Edelmut del Littorio" HD1 (multi Ch."Jivago v.h. Wantij"-IPO3-ZTP-Korung x JungSieger "Pneuma Pistis del Littorio" SchH1-ZTP1A)

Dam: "Liby Lidia del Littorio" HD1 (Ch."Holmrun Bregen" x "Vera Vita del Littorio", daughter of Ch."Quarz del Littorio" SchH3-ZTP1A)


Condos del Littorio - 3 months old


Condos at the ADA National Siger Show Championship 2006

Critique of Judgment at the ADA Specialty CAC Show of May 2, 2004 in Seattle, Washington. Judge: Dr. Schuler, DV Germany. Overall Impression: Type, strong, masculine. Size: Medium. Color: Very Good. Coat: Short, hard. Markings: Correct size. Head: Masculine. Head & Skull: Masculine, correct lenght. Head's Planes: Almost parallel. Stop: Correct. Nose Line: Good width. Under jaw: Strong. Lips: Good lips design, well pigmented. Eyes: Correct form and position. Neck: Muscular, right length. Top Line: Short. Croup: Very good. Depth of chest: Very good. Fore chest: Very good. Width of chest: Very good. Rib spring: Very good. Underline: Normal. Front angulations: Very good. Stand: Correct. Front feet: Short, close. Rear angulations: Very good. Rear angulations of knee: Very good. Hocks: Correct. Hind feet: Short, close. Bone: Very strong. Movement: Correct reach and drive. Temperament: Free. Dentition: Complete. Rating: Excellent.

Picture of Condos at 4 years old

The bloodline of "Condos del Littorio" is Line Breeding 3-4 on Ch. "Quarz del Littorio" SchH3-ZTP1A. Condos' unique genetic strength can be emphasized by the diversity of his bloodline.

The mother line of "Condos", with "Liby Lidia del Littorio", links together several interesting lines.

Liby's mother, "Vera Vita del Littorio", is influenced by the genetic power of Ch."Quarz del Littorio" SchH3 -ZTP1A, which brings parallel head planes with correct length, energetic working drive, and balanced temperament. Prevalent is the elegance and type of the "Furstenfeld" bloodline, which comes to the line through "Fiorita del Littorio", daughter of "Sir Sadok del Littorio", already father of "Fortezza del Littorio" and the multi Ch."Fedele del Littorio" SchH1 -ZTP. "Vera Vita" is 3-4 on the World Ch. Bundersieger-IDC-D.V.-Euro Sieger "Keegan von Ferrolheim" SchH3 -ZTP1A. "Keegan" brings the line back to the excellent working drive of the "Ellendonk" kennel on the mother side, and to the American line of his father, "B.J. Pineneades Indipendence" SchH1, stud male of excellent movement and solid nerve.

With Liby's father, Ch. "Holmrun's Bregan", we find Ch. "Nello's Lex Luthor", a Dobermann from Argentina that won the D.P.C.A National championship 1998 in Sacramento, CA. Elegance, deep chest, excellent angulations, and showing talent are the positive characteristics emerging from this Dobermann. As stud male "Lex Luthor" made a successful contribute, especially in conjunction with the "Marienburg's" line. "Nello's Lex Luthor" is 3-3 on Arg. Urg. Ch. "Flaming del Samurai" and 3-3 on Arg. Ch. "Perkin del Samurai." His bloodline is from South America, and represents Dobermans with good temperament. Through 3-4 on Arg. Ch. "Romy Red del Samurai", this line is influenced by the "Marienburg's" with Am. Can. Arg. Ch. "Marienburg's Cannon", where elegance and good movement are always present. Important stud male present in the bloodline of "Liby Lidia del Littorio" is Ch. "Julmars Jeronimo", which brings us back to Am. Can. Ch."Marienburg Sunhawk", sire of 85 champions, and surely one of the more influent Dobermann in the American history. In this bloodline we encounter Am. Brasilian Gran Ch. "Marienburg's Morocco", winner of 18 Best in Shows and sire of Ch. "Marienburg's Dark Dakota." With "Marienburg's Morocco", son of "Dexter vom Frankenhorst", we have a junction with the European bloodline. Due to the intuition of Mrs. Mary Rogers, owner of "Dexter", the American breeders were able to use this excellent genetic synergy of the European bloodline. The success of this intuition materialized in 1990 with the D.P.C.A. recognition that assigned to "Dexter vom Frankenhorst" the title of "Sire of the Year."

The father line of "Condos", already well known in Europe, is line breeding 3-4 on Ch. "Hertog Alfa le Dobry", and 4-4 on "Baroness Eva v. Rensloo-Bonita v. Rensloo." The 3-4 on "Arrow von Harrosberg" brings to the line a good solidity of the whole structure. The father of "Condos", "Edelmut del Littorio" HD1, represents an "old type Dobermann", solid, vigorous, of good size (105 pounds), and calm nerves. The temperament of Condos has an excellent natural "prey drive", which comes from to the "old Littorio line." Condos' solid nerves, instead, derive from the conjunction with the "Ellendonk" line, through D.V. working Sieger "Dixi von Krakau." Given the influence of "Orpheus von Eschenhof"IPO3-SchH3-ZTP1A-HD1, we observe a strong "defense and fight drive" in Condos. We can attribute to Ch. "Ebo v. Groote Maat" the excellent depth of the chest and proportions of Condos. His expression with very dark eyes and good size of the head comes from the "Quarz" line. View Pedigree

Picture of Condos at three years

"Condos del Littorio" represents the interesting genetics' synergy from Dobermann all over the world:

This genetic pool enriches the research-selection of our kennel for a Dobermann of quality, and contributes to the development of the talents in the "old Littorio line."

In Reproduction, "Condos del Littorio" is preferred for the improvement of type, proportions, elegance, angulations, square body, chest development, movement, powerful muscles, and calm nerves.

Condos lives in Washington with Mrs. Michelle Ammenwerth.

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