"Ch. Berry Rocco del Littorio" HD1 - 29 June 1998 - AKC# WP 876411/03 - DNA Profile # V106937 (2 1/2 months in the pictures) Sire: "Uriel de l'Abbaye de Sable" HD1-BH-SchH3-IPO3-FH1(Multi Ch. "Ioab Iabes del Littorio" ZTP, IPO1 x "Pace Phelia del Littorio" HD 1) Dam: Gioia Gratuita del Littorio" OFA ("San Michel Salomon del Littorio" x "Quere del Littorio" ZTP)


Shows in North America: BEST OF BREED for 2 days at Renaissance Dog Association of C.K.C.- RESERVE WINNER at All Breed Championship Dog Show of C.K.C. - RESERVE WINNER at Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of British Columbia of C.K.C. - RESERVE WINNER at Oceanside Kennel Club of C.K.C. - 1st place in Open Class at the Seattle Kennel Club of A.K.C - BEST OF WINNERS for 2 days at the Nicola Valley Kennel Club of C.K.C.

V1- Veteran Class- American Dobermann Association (ADA) on August 14, 2005. Judge: Dr. Schuler, DV-Germany

"Berry Rocco del Littorio" is one of the only Dobermann of full European bloodline that has won a North American Championship before two years of age.

His most evident conformation talents are excellent male structure with outstanding type. The head is in excellent proportion with the body, has very correct parallel plane and a full muzzle with strong under jaw. Excellent are the front angulations with very well developed chest in all three dimensions, and correct are the rear angulations and the croup. "Rocco" has a very strong bone structure, and solid body. Free and elegant movement, excellent coat pigmentation, and energetic drive with balanced temperament are also clear characteristics of this interesting Dobermann.


The bloodline of "Berry Rocco" is Line Breeding 3-4 on Ch. "Orson v. Roveline" and 4-4-5 on Ch. "Quarz del Littorio." The influence of the mother line is reveled from the 3-4-4 on Ch."Centa von Furstenfeld." The type, elegant dry neck, and excellent pigmentation, are characteristics contributed by this bloodline. The father line is 3-3 on "Quarz del Littorio", from which comes Rocco's parallel head with correct length, his energetic working drive, and balanced temperament. Also, Rocco's father is 4-4 on Ch. "Hertog Alfa Le Dobry", which brings the showing talent to the line. The grandfather, Ch. Ioab Iabes del Littorio", contributed to Rocco's substance and good movement. The good proportions derive from the influence of Ch. "Ebo v. Groote Maat", that trough the mother line brings us back to Ch. Bryan v. Forell.

In the reproduction, "Rocco" is preferred for the improvement of the general structure, proportions, coat pigmentation, and temperament. Among his offspring emerges "Rocky Rosette del Littorio", which at only two years has already obtained her BH and SchH 1, receiving an excellent 97 in tracking. Also, "Sunshine del Littorio" BH-SchH1.

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